The REACH Regulation requires manufacturers and importers of chemicals, preparations and articles to assess systematically and manage the health and environment risks. The Regulation took into force at 1st June 2007. The full text...

REACH roles

First stages of REACH Regulation are registration and pre-registration.

When you start preparing for REACH you should first know what roles your company may have in relation to its substances. The following roles are relevant...

Data sharing

What you should do if you are EU or non-EU manufacturer or importer of substances, preparations and articles? If you are downstream users or distributor should you register or pre-register your substances?  

If you are...

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Know your substances

Each company should know all chemical substances which manufacture, import and/or use. For this aim each company should create an Inventory of substances in its own, preparations and articles.

 BAP together with EuPC created...

BAP Questionnaire to companies

BAP prepared a Questionnaire to Bulgarian companies from plastic industry because of necessity to summarize the data of companies in this sector. The Questionnaire fulfillment will help you in REACH implementation.


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